"When Joe sings Chet lives" (Il Giorno)
"A crowning work" (Sankei Express)
"Lessons of lightness" (Il Mattino)
"In the footsteps of Chet" (Les Inrockuptibles)
"Superb!" (Midi Libre)
"A balm for the mind" (Il Fatto Quotidiano)
"Pure emotion. Yes, Chet lives!" (Radio Fip)


- "Chet Lives!" live in Tokyo
- An homage to Chet at l'Olympia of Paris
- "Chet Lives!" released in USA and Canada
"Chet Lives!" now available on vinyl

- "Chet Lives!" released also in Japan
- "Chet Lives!" released in Europe
"Chet Lives!" now available on iTunes

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On the 13th of may of 25 years ago, Chet Baker, the great trumpeter and singer, left us. For this special anniversary Joe Barbieri invited jazz superstars Luca Aquino and Antonio Fresa to remember him and to celebrate the sublime art of the Yale's musician, reinterpreting his most beautiful repertoire and also investigating Chet’s connections with Italy, where he lived for a long, intense and controversal period.

"The project" - says Barbieri - "undoubtedly takes off from the extraordinary songs sung by Chet, who 

certified its revolutionary and inimitable language; “The best of Chet Baker sings”, for example, remains one of my reference’s album, and around some of his best songs we wanted to build a small corollary, composed of some of the most beautiful tunes that Chet played in years of prolific staying in my country. Everything was then further filtered through the music i love: bossa, some inserts of classical music a certain all-european minimalism".

In homage to Baker - beside to Barbieri, Aquino and Fresa - the contribution of four extraordinary guests: the american singer Stacey Kent (on “I Fall In Love Too Easily”),


the brazilian singer-songwriter Márcio Faraco (on “But Not For Me”) and two icons of the italian jazz who have worked closely and intensely with Chet: the double-bassist Furio Di Castri (on “Arrivederci”) and multi-instrumentalist Nicola Stilo (on “Almost Blue” and “But Not For Me”).

"Chet Lives!" is a loving, passionate proof that today, more than ever and
even after 25 years...  Chet lives!
In may in stores and on stages.

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Trumpeter. Luca’s first album as a soloist “Sopra le nuvole” produced by Universal Music came out in 2008.
In 2009 he recorded “Lunaria” and received the "Top Jazz" Award for the best Italian Jazz musician. Then came "Amam", recorded in Skopjie's ancient Tur
kish bath.
In 2010 and in 2011, with his Norwegian trio, he recorded "Icaro solo" and "Chiaro", produced by Paolo Fresu's Tùk Music.

Producer, score composer and pianist.

Co-founder of the band Kantango and of the multimedia factory Mad Entertainment.

Featured albums with - among others - Richard Galliano, Joe Barbieri, Peter Erskine, Palle Daniellson, Lura, Susana Baca, Terence Trent D'Arby and Paolo Fresu.

Composer, producer, guitarist, singer/songwriter. His music is released all over the world.
As performing artist he released four albums: "In Parole Povere", "Maison Maravilha", "Maison Maravilha Viva" (live) and "Respiro".
His songs has been played by or with Omara Portuondo, Musica Nuda, Jorge Drexler, Stefano Bollani, Gianmaria Testa and more.

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But Not For Me
feat. Marcio Faraco and Nicola Stilo
I Fall In Love Too Easily
feat. Stacey Kent
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